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Retailer's Tools For In-Store Personalization

User application

Use API in your native app or Nimblix original or as a White Label


Variety of chosen item

Get all possible size that in stock and variety of colors

Complementary goods

Matching the best complementary items near customer inside the store

Customer encourage

Show how much customers liked this item. Who is in trust of this item.


Using all promotion materials to encourage customers for purchase.


Chosen product

Most relevant and useful information to your consumer

Healthier or Cheaper

Perfectly matching alternative products according consumer's preferences


Making easy to understand to consumers what retailer is offering to them


Concentraiting all interesting deals interested to your consumer


Unique comfortability

Ordering fitting room in advance allows your customer superior shopping experience

Get online to store

Full spectrum of online shopping services inside your physical store

Fitting room assitant

Supplementary items. Available sizes, styles and colors.

Personalized service

Supply desired items to customer in fitting room treating them personally

Personalized experience

Frictionless shopping experience with consumer interaction


Nimble. Pleasant. Informative. Interactive.
Supply information customers want

Extensive product information. Simple and clear price understanding. No discounts and special offers confusion

Eliminate frictions for customer satisfaction and for seamless shopping experience

No waiting lines at special departments No checkouts at cashier stations

Make entertaining and interesting shopping for your customers

Amaze consumers with personal suggestions and special deals

Get feedbacks from customers

Real time feedback improves your service and keeps your shoppers satisfied and loyal

Targeted and personal advertisement based on in-store location and consumer personality


Right in time. In place. Targeted. Personal.
Targeted advertising for each unique consumer

Real-time targeted product advertisement and deal suggestions based on in-store position and real-time behaviour

Ad match based on customer unique profile

Based on consumer personality, habits and lifestyle

Analyzing shopping history

Backed with history of purchase and past suggestions

Predicting shopping trends

In association with future trends and retailer's goals

Analytical and predictive technology for hyper-relevant suggestion for each customer


Observing. Analyzing. Learning. Predicting.
Involving artificial intelligence for marketing purposes

Using cutting edge technology based on AI and Machine Learning to achieve technological superiority and competitive edge

Cross selling with targeted suggestions

Increasing sales by adding agility to promotions and targeting relevant audience inside and outside the store

Get new customers and keep old ones

Acquiring and retaining your consumers using reasonable resources

Effectively running your marketing campaigns

Constantly learning and self enhancing prediction algorithms

How it Works

Smartphone scanning product's barcode and gets pricing and deals details

Nimblix turns the smartphone of every consumer into a personal shopping assistant that escorts and serves shoppers during their in-store shopping session. All the relevant information, service and entertainment will appear on smartphone's screen. Shoppers will use the application to scan the barcode of the selected items before adding them to their basket.

Adaptive and self-managing shopping list

We'll assist the consumer by managing his shopping list automatically, guiding him to the next desired product based on his previous paths inside the store. Our friendly reminder would not let shoppers miss items they might forget to buy.

Find your best item match depending on your lifestyle

Making a choice is not always the easiest thing to do, especially if there is not enough information about the product. Nimblix provides extensive and most relevant information for each shopper according to his personal preferences, sensitivities, interests and way of life. Our personal assistant will always inform the consumer about undesired item characteristics and will suggest the most suitable alternative.

Each consumer is unique and makes shopping differently each time

We believe in individuality of each person as well as in uniqueness of each shopping session. Nimblix is constantly learning personality, habits, lifestyle, mood and behavior of each consumer inside the store. Using this precious data in conjunction with real-time in-store location allows us to find and suggest consumers the retailer's best offers. We'll make sure each suggestion reaches the relevant person.

Seamless shopping experience in deli departments, fitting rooms and other special departments.

We know, in order to achieve a pleasant shopping experience and make shopping inside the store more interesting, all aspects of shopping should be taken into account. Hence Nimblix proposes agility and responsivness in the blink of an eye for every special department inside the store, in order to provide the ultimate service and eliminate friction points.

Cashierless checkout with digital receipt.Convenient payment solutions without waiting lines.

Nimblix users will have the opportunity to pay their bills with the application, getting digital receipts and skipping the lines at checkout counters. Decreasing abandoned shopping carts at the checkout stations earns consumers loyalty and increases traction. Deploying Nimblix digital payment inside the store adds novelty to its look and frees extra space for new products.

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Did you know...

What Generation Z expects from retailers

High expectancy from in-store retailers

65 percent

of Generation Zers are comparing prices and looking for discounts, coupons and rewards prior to making purchases.

Next generation of consumers still making most of their shopping in physical stores.

98 percent

of Generation Zers making shopping in store. 67% make in-store shopping most of the time, while 31% some of the time.

Each 2'nd consumer want from retailer to have ability for super fast desired item search.

49 percent

of Generation Zers says the ability to find desirable product quickly is one of the most important things in shopping

According to survey of NRF in association with IBM Institute for Business Value


Bridging between consumers and retailers in a smart way

Special approach to each customer


Personalized Service for Every Consumer

Targeted advertising for every consumer on their mobile phones in Real-Time while in-store shopping session

Targeted Advertising

Smart In-Store Real-Time Ads

Customer engagement through mobile phone providing useful info for customer satisfaction

Consumer Interaction

Product Info Presentation. Consumer Feedback

Using artificial intelligence in-store to create outstanding shopping experience to achieve customer satisfaction.

Smart Prediction

AI-Based Predictions

Using automated tools to generate promotions , focused on customer satisfaction


Automatic Promotion Generator

Making brick and mortar stores suitable for new age of in-store retail.


Superior Shopping Experience Without Lines